5 Ways of Improving SEO Ranking Immediately in 2021

SEO is a methodology used to improve on the frequency by which viewers of a website or page keep flowing in by acquiring a better rank placement in search engine results pages (SERP) like Google , Bing or DuckDuckGo.
Higher position in SERP means higher traffic to your website

5 Easy Ways To Boost SEO Rankings

1. Improving your page loading speed

Slow loading pages are easily recognized by Google which lowers your rating. Improving speed by which your page loads will help improve your ranking by a higher rate. lowering your ranking by Google will cause negativity. These lead to the loss of viewers from the website and they may not be willing to come back again.
On the other side, if your page loads faster, viewers will increase and keep coming back for more. Testing the speed your website is healthy in terms of ranking by Google.

2. Producing high-quality content

That is of high quality, recently updated and relevant will help increase your rating since the website is viewed regularly. If your site has fresh, reliable and worthy information, visitors will stay longer on your website thus improving your dwell time.

When a user bookmarks your page, your ranking goes up. This will also help improve the digital marketing strategy

3. Breaking up your content with header tags

This will help the visitor read easily and skim through all the information. Headers also make work look appealing which is beneficial. The viewer can access topics easily without experiencing any difficulties along.
If your website is just a text it’s going to discourage visitors since they may find it boring. Placing high-quality pictures may also be appealing to the visitor.

4. Using outbound links

Some of the information may leave the viewer with doubts.  The use of links to back up your information makes the website more credible. All data should be linked to trustworthy sources. This improves the visitor’s trust in your website thus will be coming back more often.

5. Providing appropriate contact information

Contact information is very important as one can be contacted by the visitors. This is to clarify issues that have problems or participate where necessary.  Interaction with the visitors improves the visitor’s attitude towards the website.  It also may be noticed to frequently visit the website and staying longer.
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