What is Google Data Studio and How Good is Google Data Studio?

What is Google Data Studio and How Good is Google Data Studio?

Google Data Studio is a free tool from Google that allows you to create custom reports with data from Google’s marketing services and external sources. This data visualization tool will also enable you to build interactive dashboards, and customized, beautiful reporting.

Think of the reports generated in Google Analytics, but better.

The majority of Data Studio’s features are beginner-friendly, allowing easy sharing, and scheduling of reports. You can also use Google Data Studio to track key KPI’s for clients, visualize trends, and compare performance over time.

Want to get an idea of how the report looks like? Have a look at the report below! Now, let’s take a dive in and explore what can Google Data Studio do for us.

google data studio report

Benefits of Google Data Studio

Fully Customizable

When you first start a report in Google Data Studio, you’ll get a blank canvas on which you can create single-page dashboards or multi-page reports.

There are no fixed column sizes or widget areas, so you have full control to drag-and-drop items anywhere on the canvas. Sounds cool, right?

Besides, the formatting and style options allow you to match your organization’s branding and colors, making it easier to create professional-looking reports for your organization.

The built-in charts also provide more options to visualize the data than what’s available within Google Analytics.

Choose from a pool of bars, lines, pies, area charts, scatterplots, bullet graphs, and geo maps, and make your report as engaging and interesting as possible!

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Seamless Collaboration

Just like Google Docs, you can share your Google Data Studio reports with anyone just by sending them a link with View or Edit permissions accordingly, making it easily accessible for everyone inside or outside of your organization to the reports.

Besides, Google Data Studio provides interactive real-time reports to those who share access to the same report, making collaboration effortless.

And that’s what people are looking for, especially now that work-from-home norms have been taking over the traditional work-in-office culture.

Compatible with Several Data Sources

One limitation of viewing data within Google Analytics is that there is no way to combine data from multiple views or properties on the same dashboard.

In Google Data Studio, however, you can set the data source individually for each chart. This lets you pull together data from any number of views on the same dashboard.

You can source in the data directly from AdWords, DCM (DoubleClick Campaign Manager), BigQuery, or YouTube. Or connect to MySQL or Cloud SQL databases. Other than that, you can also use the Google Sheets connector to access any data that can be uploaded as a CSV or spreadsheet file, such a social media or call center data.

Sounds pretty convenient, isn’t it?

How To Use Google Data Studio

To get started with Google Data Studio, here are the easy steps you should follow:

  1. Log in to Data Studio with your Google account
  2. Click the “Create” button in the top left corner
  3. Choose “Data Source”
  4. Link your data sources, like Google Analytics
  5. Return to the Google Data Studio dashboard
  6. Select the “Create” button in the top left corner
  7. Choose “Report”
  8. Pick your data sources to import from the right-hand side
  9. Edit your report’s layout, theme, colors, and more
  10. Click “Share” in the upper right corner to share your reports

You can also use report templates from the “Template Gallery” in the Google Data Studio dashboard. For the best results, experiment with different templates and custom reports to learn more about what you can do with this free tool.

Get Started Now!

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