5 Key Component of Mobile SEO in Malaysia 2021

Smartphone penetration in Malaysia is increasing at a rapid pace. It stood at 53.92% in 2015, and now it stands at 65.14%. Statistics also show that 19.81 million Malaysians access the internet through their phones. That figure will rise to 21.29 million people in three years. Are you ready for this massive shift in the way people get information? Well, here are five fundamental components of mobile SEO in Malaysia in 2018.

1. A responsive site

Navigating through unresponsive sites is a frustrating experience. Consequently, recommending such websites to family members or friends is unlikely. Create a responsive website that adapts to the device your online visitors are using so that viewing your site and navigating through it is a pleasant experience for them.

2. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Google created this platform to rival a similar one on Facebook known as Instant Articles. They built it for enhanced levels of readability and loading speed. A recent report showed that AMP pages loaded 387 times more quickly than non-AMP pages. This super-fast loading speed would be an excellent experience for online visitors who use their smartphones to access your site.

3. Avoiding Flash

Some people use this product to create repetitive advertisements. In many cases, these ads are irrelevant to most users. Consequently, browsers do not play Flash content by default. That means Google would not find your content if you create it with Flash. Avoid Flash as much as possible so that search engines can access your content.

4. Mobile Ads

Did you know that Facebook is updating its News Feed? It announced the move in November last year, but it implemented the changes in January this year. The update includes reduced exposure to promotional content. That means promoting your content by just posting it will not get you the same results as it did in previous years. Therefore, investing in mobile ads in 2018 to maintain your relevance online is an excellent idea.

5. Content Development

Capturing an online audience is no longer as easy as it was in previous years when the competitive environment was still at its infancy stage. Today, you have numerous companies investing in online advertising. The best way of competing with such firms is to develop unique content that caters to the needs of your online audience. Imarketing.my provides you with a solution to your content development needs in addition to helping you with other components of SEO in Malaysia.
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