How Visual Content Can Easily Boost Your SEO Rankings

How Visual Content Can Easily Boost Your SEO Rankings

The days of flipping back and forth between pages in text-heavy user manuals to read about a product or service are long gone. Content marketing strategy has changed, with visual elements now being more widely used.

We are constantly confronted with information since we live in a digital age. Our brain cannot simply process the wealth of information without being overburdened. That is what distinguishes pictures from other noise.

As a clever marketer yourself, using visual media in your marketing plan will not only enable you to provide your viewers with content that is simple to understand but can also be a goldmine for your SEO.

You might be asking, “How?” at this point.

Let’s find out!

Why Visual Content is Effective

The newest trend in content marketing is visual content. If you’re preparing to launch a new content marketing campaign or want to strengthen your online presence, you need to know precisely what will promote engagement and growth. If you do not grab your customers’ attention within the first few seconds in our fast-paced environment, you will lose them. So how can you captivate your audience? Utilising visual material!

Visuals are significantly more straightforward for the brain to digest than words. Reading individual letters, putting them together into words, putting the words into sentences, and finally reading the text as a whole helps us grasp a text. The information is all included in a picture, though! No need for an explanation.

Any visual content strategy aims to reach potential consumers in the most effective manner possible. These include blogs, videos, and advertisements. Including the appropriate visuals, such as photos, memes, or infographics, in your blog post or promotion will increase client engagement and the likelihood of better outcomes.

Here are some statistics to support the necessity for visual content in your business:

Visuals make up 90% of the information delivered to our brains
Visual content receives 94% more views
In social media, visual material is 40X more likely to be shared
80% of what they observe is retained
The processing speed of images is 60 000X that of text

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Example of Visual Content

There are many different types and sizes of visual material.

Let’s take a closer look at each category and how you may include it in your visual marketing strategy.

1. Infographics

Infographics use text and images to portray complicated information in a way that is easier to understand. They are one of the tried-and-true methods to obtain quality leads.

2. Images of products and brand logos

Product photos and brand logos are visual information that might increase your business’s popularity. To guarantee that you are given credit for any graphic content you produce, include your company name or logo.

Another excellent technique to increase brand recognition is to brand your visual material. Keep note of where your logo or product photos appear online; if they don’t already, make sure they link back to your website.

3. Data-driven graphics

Users can acquire valuable insights by seeing data in graphical ways through data visualization. Charts, graphs, scatter plots, and diagrams are examples of familiar forms.

You may produce a highly linkable and shareable resource when you develop data-driven visualisations. Additionally, you may use it in your writing to bolster your arguments or publish it on your social media pages to spread the word (or both).

4. Screenshots

One such method for producing visual material is to use screenshots. If your business offers software as a service, you may include screenshots in your material to explain how certain functionalities operate. To help your readers understand a concept, you may also have screenshots in your blog entries.

5. GIFs and Memes

Memes are a fun way to engage your audience if they match your brand. Usually, they are static images or GIFs with text added on top.

Memes are simple to create and have the potential to spread quickly on social media, which may help you draw in many leads. Make sure, however, that you are aware of a meme’s underlying cultural (and perhaps political) significance before utilising it.

6. Videos

Often, videos may acquire more consumer internet traffic because they provide more information than written pieces. As you can publish them to websites like YouTube or even embed them in your material, they’re an excellent method to build high-quality backlinks. Additionally, you may use your video content to create various pieces of content that you can publish on other platforms by repurposing them.

7. Checklists

Another visual content format that might aid in increasing your link popularity is the use of checklists. They’re also not that tough to construct because you can do it by using simple picture editors and extracting the essential information from an existing article.

How Visual Content Marketing Boosts Traffic

Researching keywords and creating content is only a small part of SEO techniques. It’s vital to include graphic material on your website as well.

Your SEO efforts will be significantly aided by visual material like infographics, highlighted photos, explainer how-to videos, and checklists. The findings even claimed that long-form or short-form plain text-based content is inferior to visual content.

Nearly three days after seeing visual information online, 65% of it is still retained by individuals. In contrast, when they consume text-based content in the same period, they can only remember 10% of the knowledge.

As a result, you know that Google will initially value your site and boost your rank if you provide your viewers with what they desire.

Still not convinced? The following justifications will demonstrate how precisely graphic material might influence your SEO procedures:

Most Visitors are Visual Learners

According to psychology, the human brain processes images 60,000 times quicker than long text paragraphs. Given that the majority of information conveyed to the brain is visual, it seems reasonable that at least 65% of people are visual learners.

Not to add, today’s age watches many videos on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Adding visual material to your website helps speed up the process for users to find the information they need. This will then inform Google that your website is related and relevant, and as a result, it should rank high in the search results.

Makes Visitors Stay Longer on Your Site

Visual material not only captures visitors’ attention instantly but also keeps it. Visitors will spend more time exploring more content since visual content captures their attention better and is accessible to the eyes.

As a result, dwell duration will rise and bounce rates will decline. The longer your dwell time, the more likely you will appear on the first page of search results.

The rationale behind this is that the more time website visitors spend on it, the more likely they will find your information beneficial. As a result, while determining your rank, search engines consider the dwell time.

Improves Readability

We discussed how most of us learn best visually. The fact that 91% of people prefer visual material to written stuff is not unexpected. Additionally, graphics boost readers’ interest in the text by 80%.

In other words, offering just hefty, text-heavy material to your readers will drive them away. It’s simply too much to expect the visitors to read all those paragraphs. They will leave your website immediately, raising your bounce rate and hurting your SEO.

These text-based paragraphs may be broken up with visual material, which makes it simpler for visitors to read and comprehend. A chart, snapshot, or infographic may serve as a terrific visual aid to complement and balance your textual, densely researched pieces.

Increases the Number of High-Quality Links

In SEO operations, backlinking is still one of the most effective tactics. It may increase your website’s authority and is a crucial search ranking component. Because it is so easily shared, graphic material in this situation might help you quickly increase the number of high-quality backlinks.

For instance, infographics may be a goldmine of backlinks for your website because they add value to other websites. Other websites are more likely to connect to your site if it is appropriately designed and effectively provides essential information.

You may also run outreach initiatives to spread the information to obtain the most exposure for the best outcomes. Look for related websites and request that they link to your material.

Gives the Visitors More Options

The internet offers consumers countless possibilities in the modern digital age. While some of them enjoy viewing films, others prefer to scan infographics. Including fewer images on your website allows you to diversify your content for various audiences.

Your material will be more widely available and increase website traffic if you can present the information in various formats.

6 Visual SEO Strategies Proven Your Google Rank

Concentrate On Your Target Market

Besides ensuring that your images adequately depict the subject, consider whether the imagery is appropriate for your intended audience. Certain visual modalities will appeal to specific audiences, while others will have the opposite effect. If you cannot identify the proper style, consider keeping your images as comprehensible as possible so the user won’t have to translate your meaning.

Make Sure The Visuals Reflect The Content

Aim to enrich and enhance the context of your material with your pictures. It might be plain and monotonous to place a product image next to a product description. The drizzles have vanished. As opposed to other methods, captivatingly displaying your goods has a more significant impact and contributes to providing your textual subject with new life.

Make Sure Your Pictures Are Noticeable

The image from the article is taken and used in social media posts when someone publishes material on social media. It is the first thing that catches people’s attention and paints a picture of what visitors may learn when they click through. What do you think the public is learning about your topic through generic stock photos? Try to make your images as practical and outstanding as your textual material.

Optimise For Search

The on-page SEO of your website depends heavily on optimising your descriptions for search. Well-optimised images improve the subject and increase the page’s relevance. You may set up your Google My Business profile if you want to give your local business an online presence. Using the Google My Business Optimization Service is a crucial step to achieving a high position in Google’s search results. Search engines will reward your page for having a good layout, title, article, and other image SEO-related components.

Make use of A/B testing

The element of content marketing services is as follows. It’s something like a lottery since you never really know what information will resonate with individuals. However, if you experiment with different graphic elements in your campaigns, you can increase your chances of winning. In this manner, you’ll be able to identify what works well and stick with it.

Make Interesting Visual Stories

No matter how often Google, Bing, and other site crawlers alter their computations, high-quality content that often attracts visitors is still the case. Sites that satisfy customers’ needs will always be more well-known, and more popular sites will frequently appear higher in search results.

What will web material most likely draw online users in 2017? In actuality, it is visual narration. According to Marketing Sherpa, 50% of website visitors decide within 8 seconds whether to continue browsing or leave a page. That is how quickly moving advertisements should grab and retain their audience’s attention.

Get More Value From Your Images

Is your preparing to boost sales, expand its clientele, and gain market share? Your business will reach its most enormous objectives and beat the competition with the help of outstanding SEO Malaysia strategies like using an image with iMarketing’s help to captivate your target audience.

By contacting us right now or requesting a free consultation, you can get started on your on-page SEO.

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